Boat repairs, dedicated to get you back on the water.

Boating is the ultimate retreat, and the service shop at A1AWatercraftRepair is here to make boat ownership a stress-free experience. Our boat repair and maintenance teams take care of any problems quickly and affordably so you can expect smooth sailing.

What do our boat services provide?

Dockside Service/Repairs at your convenience

No matter where you are in South Florida, let us come to you! We can do almost all repairs/services at the dock with a smile.

Boat owners in South Florida or any of the local area marinas who are in need of marine engine repairs, or fabrication or a marine survey on a boat they own or intend to purchase, can now take advantage of  affordable boat repairs in our service area.

Detailing Restorations
We offer complete detailing, waterline and up! We have a 3 step process to restore boat to like-new. We offer maintenance programs. Call and ask for quotes! Surface scratches can be buffed out of gel-coat with polishing compound, but deep scratches must be filled!

Fiberglass Repair Service
Specialize in Full fiberglass repair including collision repair, cosmetic repairs and replacement of damaged parts for boats and all fiberglass vehicles.

Specific service? We also specialize:
Boat winterization
General diagnostics
Trailer repairs
Engine oil and filter changes
Engine alignment
Boat throttle adjustment
Boat battery replacement
And many others

We accept major insurance claims as well as smaller jobs.

Your prized vessel is a large investment; bring it to the boat repair company you can trust. All of our technicians are certified by a prestigious training program. We’re skilled at many facets of repairing boats, so you’ll be back cruising the waves in no time. With A1AWatercraftRepair, you’ll spend less time waiting and more time boating! In addition to boat maintenance, we also have a large jet ski rental and boat rental selection.

Give us a call and don't let a broken Jetski or Boat ruin your day out on the water.