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Jet Ski/Wave Runner Repair 2 stroke/4 stroke

Anybody who owns a jet-ski or Waverunner knows how much fun and freedom they give us. That is, until it breaks. We are the right shop for you!


Wave Runner/Jet ski Rentals Serving South Florida for 40+ Years

Jet ski RENTAL Reef Snorkel Tours, Banana Raft Rides, Tube Rides, Boat Rentals, Stand-Up Paddle boards (SUP) all Water sport Rentals available upon request.

We service all Yamaha outboard motors 20hr/100hr/300hr

We service all Yamaha outboard motors. 100 hour inspection. Bring it in OR we offer dockside service! 

Detailing Restorations

We offer complete detailing, waterline and up! We have a 3 step process to restore boat to like-new. We offer maintenance programs. Call and ask for quotes!Surface scratches can be buffed out of gelcoat with polishing compound, but deep scratches must be filled!



Dock Side Service/Repairs at your convenience

No matter where you are in South Flordia, let us come to you! We can do almost all repairs/services at the dock with a smile. 


Pre-Purchase Inspection

Hull Inspection/How's the Gel coat?/Any major Repairs Done?Charging System Test/What shape is the battery in?Is the charging system operating the way it should?Fuel System Inspection/Are the Carbs and /or Fuel Injector Operating as expected?/Jet Pump Inspection
Are the pump and prop good?/Engine Compression test/Are all cylinders at normal compression..or is one low?..meaning an engine rebuild is around the next bend What's the story on engine hours and rpm spread? Water leaks? Jetski should be tested on water!


Boat Repair

Boat owners in South Flordia or any of the local area marinas who are in need of marine engine repairs, or fabrication or a marine survey on a boat they own or intend to purchase, can now take advantage of  affordable boat repairs in our service area.


Jet Boat Repairs/2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Engine Repair

There are quite a few differences in the operation of 2-stroke engines compared to 4-stroke engines We Fix them all!

Fiberglass Repair Service

Specialize in Full fiberglass repair including collision repair, cosmetic repairs and replacement of damaged parts for boats and all fiberglass vehicles. We accept major insurance claims as well as smaller jobs. Give us a call!